Wayne Hardman’s Profile, Background and History

Photo by Matt McIvor

You can reach me on 07732-844573 or 02866325486 & wayne.hardman@btconnect.com

Hello – my name is Wayne Hardman and I would like to introduce you to my  profile where you will learn a lot about my colourful past and the services that I can provide as a Broadcaster and or Journalist.

My spoken skills are broad ranging, and my expertise is in sports, particularly North American/Canadian Sports and my driving passion is Ice Hockey, and to heighten the intrigue… Constructed Textiles

As a result I am proud to be the lead broadcaster for Northern Ireland’s answer to the world famous Toronto Maple Leafs (my home town team). The Belfast Giants are one of the top Ice Hockey clubs in the UK and I have covered them all over Great Britain as well as in competitions in Europe and beyond: with Team UK and Ireland in Mexico, Iceland, New Zealand, Switzerland and many other countries


My speciality subjects are Ice Hockey, North American sports and the work life balance of Canadian ex-pats living in the UK
I have had written work printed in the following publications:

o   The Sun – Northern Ireland edition

o   Dublin Star

o   Northern Ireland Spectator

o   Powerplay

o   Canada Post

o   Toronto Globe and Mail

o   Toronto Sun

o   Toronto Star

o   Touchdown Ice Hockey Review

o   First Down American Football magazine

o   Faceoff and Ice Hockey Review

I have also written for seven years for the Dublin Star with features written on my wife Louise’s weaving business ‘Wove in Hove’ which can be viewed by logging on to:

http://www.discoverireland.com/gb/ireland-things-to-see-and-do/listings/product/?fid=NITB_2092 or http://www.learncraftdesign.com/craft-edu-panel/louise-hardman

I reported on exhibitions in Frankfurt, Paris, New York, Dublin and London featuring Louise’s hand woven designs and end products that were sold to names in the fashion world

Helped to research, and contributed to the autobiography of Canadian Hockey icon Theo Fleury
Now I am working on three books of my own, all yet to be published:

·     Growing up with 11 different Mums

·     A children’s book on Canada – Eskimo boy and his huskies, and wolf tales

·     A book of short stories on murder mysteries – Damon Runyan style

Alongside the above I am an active member of the ‘Fermanagh Creative Writers’ Group’ where I have contributed to two anthologies. Have given various readings of my work, with the second book ‘Charlie’s Bar’ now going into its second print run


Looking over my past and current broadcasting skills it can be seen that they are international in flavour, varied and ongoing
Starting with ‘Chum FM’ in Yonge Street, Toronto, Canada and continuing to BBC Radio Brighton covering the Brighton B52’s American football team, and Basketball with ‘Racing Chevron’, which became the ‘Brighton Bears’. Also Motor Racing in the Sussex Goodwood racetrack with ‘Sharp Racing’

Local radio feeds included those to ‘Southern Sound’ and various RSL, trying to develop a stand alone FM Radio Station with The Evening Argus FM and others in the Sussex area. Also with Lakeland FM in County Fermanagh N. Ireland

Worked with ITV, Channel 4 and 5 helping develop their American Football programmes, also various European and UK based Championship American Football games

I worked with Screensport covering US College American Football with Nick Halling, at Eurosport with Carlton Kirby and with Lance Cone voicing weekly NFL Europe games with the London Monarchs – either live at the stadium or from the studio in London

Stadium commentating has also been covered with the American Bowl and other Budweiser and Coca-Cola League Championship games

As well,  Sledge Hockey and World Championship Curling with Brent Pope. I also broadcasted with Eurosport two or three daily sports news reports out of Paris as well as Volleyball, Ice Hockey from Davos in the Spengler Cup, and CFL & NFL American Football and Baseball

I also worked with Sky TV broadcasting NFL Europe games live from both Wembley and Tottenham Football grounds with Lance Cone and others

One of my current jobs is with HiDavid.TV broadcasting the Belfast Giants Ice Hockey games live on the internet with feeds to the BBC, Sky and Ulster Television and links to YouTube and Facebook
I have also worked with BBC Radio Belfast covering Ice Hockey from the Odyssey Arena . Now finally looking forward to covering the World Police, Fire and Ambulance Games in Belfast summer 2013.


Growing up in Canada you first learn to skate in your own back yard and Dad normally flooded the garden to help this learning. However when you progressed to the river or the pond everyone had a specific job. My task was to check that the ice was thick enough to skate or play hockey on which helped my speed skating dramatically

My Dad was a great fan of all forms of Baseball hence we not only followed and played Softball but also went regularly to Maple Leafs Stadium in Toronto to watch our Triple A team where I got to talk with the amazing black pitcher

http://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=satchel%20paige%20nickname&source=web&cd=2&ved=0CDwQFjAB&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.baseball-almanac.com%2Fquotes%2Fquopaig.shtml&ei=RpJEUeraOvGQ7AaO_oDoAw&usg=AFQjCNGN_6YALOpS7NzdFPzk1XyrFloozQ&sig2=oTjHOTNfZsfgjFZAXP_J”>Satchel Paige

In his middle age, which I am sure was at least ten years older than the 45 he told us, his words of wisdom included

‘Never walk the stairs when you can ride the elevator

Never jump to conclusions

And certainly never elbow the bar’

This was a pitcher that made his rookie debut to Major League Baseball at the age of 42

Moving onto Ice Hockey in the UK, and before I was born the Brits won the Gold Medal in the 1936 Olympics. I feel the sport has developed at a great pace since then. I had heard of the Brighton Tigers even in Canada and once in Brighton welcomed the news with great amazement and joy that a new rink had been built in the town at the bottom of West Street.

Yet there were no boards or plexi-glass surrounds, only tables and chairs around the exterior of the rink so spectators could watch the game. I was amazed – how could ice hockey be played without raising the puck or checking your opponent against the boards? How would the coffee drinkers feel when a puck landed in their espresso?

That was not the half of it because we played all our games away and it was only possible to practice in Brighton penalised by the above restrictions. Brave spectators had to sit in the small balconies above the rink and prepare to duck. A true practise was impossible! So who ever had a car was drafted into taking the team to Scotland, Bristol, Blackpool or even Manchester Altringham to play away games

You were exhausted by the time you got to the away game venue and it took the first period until you got your legs back again. Win lose or draw you showered in hot water if you were lucky then had a beer with your team mates and then drove back home

All I can say is that I love sports whatever the conditions!

You learn a lot as you grow older. I thought I knew all about broadcasting, especially American Football after coaching, playing occasionally, and being a director of the Brighton B52 ‘s team

After broadcasting for Sky TV the NFL Europe American Football league game from Wembley Stadium, the venue was then changed to Tottenham Hotspur’s ground, to give the appearance of full stadium crowds. Seating was only allowed on one half of the stadium, as we were broadcasting from the opposite side!

Imagine my amazement when arriving for my first stint at a London Monarchs game at the new venue, being quizzed by the other hacks ‘where’s your giant Coca Cola cup then?’

My reply was suitably mystified – why would I need such a cup? ‘Have you seen how far it is to the john?’ We were slung high in the rafters of the Tottenham ground, which gave an excellent view of the game, and the toilets a good 10 minute descent away! I kept my legs crossed until the game was over