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Ireland goes Western With Youth Quarter Horse Squad

American Quarter Horse youth competitors from around the world will flock to central Texas to the Bryan College Station Convention and Visitors Bureau for the 2014 American Quarter Horse Youth World Cup to be held in its town near Houston Texas, … Continue reading

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With sunshine and showers every one had a grand time at Enniskillen Airport tarmac

Great Day Out at Enniskillen 100k Revival  This second annual Enniskillen 100K Revival event had had to be rearranged due to the recent G8 summit. Nevertheless saw classic bike riders gather alongside historic rally drivers, fans and enthusiasts who had … Continue reading

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Mark Carney comes to GB to protect Sterling’s Five Hole

Mark Carney Harvard’s back up goalie during their glory daysMark Carney comes to the UK to protect Sterling’s five hole In the 1980s, Harvard University’s hockey team was winning U.S. national championships, and Mark Carney, who will become the next … Continue reading

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How could I forget Eddy Litzenberger

When you hear from a former teammate, who iced with you back who knows when on the frozen lakes and rivers around Toronto, you know two things. He is perhaps looking for money…well that’s good because I don’t have any! … Continue reading

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Welcome to Wayne’s hockey world

This shows that Canadian old dogs can learn new tricks. It least one hopes so here goes!

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Perception, or “How not to use your bus pass”

If you want to learn more in detail about what bus drivers, and their management officials and Brighton & Hove Town Hall think about OAP Bus Passes read further. Having lived in Brighton and Hove many years before moving to … Continue reading

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